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PhotoBiennale – 22nd International Photography Meeting / Topic: Logos

The PhotoBiennale’s thematic trilogy (Time, Place, Logos) organized by the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography concludes this year as the Museum brings us Logos from May until August 2014.

(1st part: May-June, 2nd part: July-August)

After Time (2008) and Place (2010-11) the theme of Logos will be developed through a series of actions (exhibitions, discussions, parallel events, screenings, concerts) at more than 20 points throughout Thessaloniki, thanks to generous collaboration between the Museum and various organizations and businesses. It will then travel to other cities in Greece.

From the Museum of Photography located at Warehouse A in the port to the old warehouses and army offices by the first port entrance (opening their doors for the first time thanks to a collaboration with the Thessaloniki Port Authority), from archeological sites to the Museum of the Thessaloniki Ancient Agora, Logos prevails.

Thus the public will have the opportunity to encounter over 1.000 works made by 100 Greek and foreign artists from 23 countries around the world, artists that deal – some more obviously, others less so – with the interaction of text and image in their work.

This begins with the active presence of language, where words fall directly into the core of the work itself or enter into a dialogue with it, contextualizing it. This also happens with images that refer to literary genres such as journals and autobiographies, even photographs that function as reportage, denouncing or revealing in areas of need.

It appears also in the investigation of boundaries between the imaginary and real, where the limits of photographic practice (and correspondingly lived reality) extend. In this way, logos - in the structural sense – is upturned to be discovered by the viewer anew, in accordance with the conditions stated by the work itself.

Beyond this expression found in the works themselves, the Photobiennale will present various experts and individuals in the field of photography from around the world (especially on the weekends of May 9-11, May 29-June 1 and June 27-30) participating in open discussions, giving masterclasses and conducting workshops.

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5th Cedefop/Thessaloniki Photomuseum Award

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(Greek) Διακήρυξη Ανοικτού Δημόσιου Διεθνούς Διαγωνισμού για το έργο: “Διοργάνωση PhotoBiennale – 22η Διεθνής Φωτογραφική Συνάντηση”, στο πλαίσιο της Πράξης: “Διοργάνωση PhotoBiennale από το Μουσείο Φωτογραφίας Θεσσαλονίκης / Απαντήσεις σε ερωτήματα