Cedefop Photomuseum Award 2010

THEME: Learning for life, working to grow
The jury for the Cedefop Photomuseum Award 2010 held two sessions: on Thursday the 29th of April and on Saturday the 1st of May. The jury consisted of: Irene Attinger, (Library Curator of the Maison Europeenne de la Photographie in Paris – France), Natalie Herschdorfer, (Curator / Exhibitions management Musee de l’Elysee from Lausanne, Switzerland), Angela Ferreira, (co-director of the Ancontros de Imagem – Associacao Cultural from Braga – Portugal), Zuzana Lapitkova (Curator and Project manager SEDT-FOTOFO from Bratislava-Slovakia), Esabel Dreyer (Cedefop representative in the first meeting), Christian Lettmayr (Cedefop representative in the second session) and Vangelis Ioakimidis (TMP representative in the second session).
President of this year’s committee was Ms. Natalie Herschdorfer. The eight shortlisted photographers were (they appear in random order): 

  1. Yiorgos Karailias
  2. Jonnek Jonneksson
  3. Beatrix Reinhardt
  4. Manuel Capurso
  5. Eileen Kennedy
  6. Robbi Huner
  7. Dimitris Michalakis
  8. Georgios Katsagelos

 From the eight shortlisted the following three were distinguished:
The first prize was awarded to Eileen Kennedy (USA) for her project “Beyond Success” the second distinction was given to Yiorgos Karailias (GR) for his project “boatmen” and the third to Manuel Capurso (IT) for his project “Aral Sea”.